Apple tutorials show you how to use accessibility features on the iPhone

Friday, 23 April 2010 09:50am

Apple is known for its inbuilt accessibility features, particularly the very powerful VoiceOver which functions as a gesture-based screen reader on Apple devices with touch screens. Now, video tutorials produced by Apple show iPhone users just how to use VoiceOver and voice commands.

The five-minute video tutorial for VoiceOver on the iPhone provides clear visual and audio instructions about how to use VoiceOver, including navigation around the iPhone, using mail and the onscreen keyboard, and browsing the Internet using Safari.

Apple has also produced a video that demonstrates the voice control feature on the iPhone that allows you limited control of your phone using voice commands. Using voice control, you can make calls (e.g. “Call Media Access Australia”) and control the iPod application that is integrated into the iPhone. You can ask your iPhone to play songs by artist or playlist, pause a song, go to the next song, enable shuffle, and even ask your iPhone to tell you what song is playing.

Apple is yet to release similar tutorials on using VoiceOver and the voice control features of the iPad. You can, however, find amateur videos that demonstrate the accessibility features of the iPad by searching YouTube.

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