Adobe plans major upgrades to accessibility support in Flash Player

Monday, 29 March 2010 15:39pm

Adobe has announced that future upgrades to accessibility support in Adobe Flash Player will enhance accessibility across the three major operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. Mac users will particularly benefit from this upgrade, which will result in the ability to access Flash content using VoiceOver, Apple’s inbuilt text-to-speech application.

In a blog post, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Senior Product Manager for Accessibility at Adobe Systems, states that, “[t]he Flash Player will employ IAccessible2 from the Linux Foundation and the WAI-ARIA specification from the W3C to address user and developer needs and to ease interoperability with assistive technology vendors.”

Upgrades are expected to start with the next major release of Adobe Flash Player (following Flash Player 10.1).

 The Adobe Accessibility blog also reports that Adobe will be building in support for IAccessible2 in Adobe Reader and Access to PDF Portfolios.


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