New cinema caption viewing system on show in the USA

Friday, 23 April 2010 16:14pm


The USA’s Doremi Cinema has showcased its new closed caption viewing system for hearing impaired movie audiences at the recent ShoWest cinema exhibition in Las Vegas.    



The CaptiView system transmits and receives encrypted closed captions on a wireless band frequency.  With an 80-metre signal range, CaptiView can be used from any seat in the house.

The CaptiView system consists of a small, Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display on a bendable support arm that fits into the theatre seat cup holder.  The easy-to-read screen is equipped with a rechargable battery that lasts over 24 hours of continuous use per charge. The high contrast display comes with a privacy visor so it can be positioned directly in front of the movie patron with minimal impact or distraction to neighboring patrons.

This product will be available from July 2010 from Edge Digital Technology.  Edge Digital Technology is an Australian cinema supply company, heavily involved in the rollout of accessible cinema nationally.  

A photo of Captiview is available on the Doremi Labs website.


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