US cinema chain expands captioning following litigation

Wednesday, 23 February 2011 11:00am

The Regal cinema chain, the largest in the US, has pledged to provide closed captions as it converts its cinemas to digital, beginning with cinemas in the greater Seattle area.

The pledge, reported by Hearing Loss Law online, was in the form of a declaration from Chief Operating Officer Randy Smith. It was in response to a lawsuit brought against a number of cinemas in the Seattle area by Wash-CAP (Washington State Communication Access Project) which is due to go to trial in March this year.

The pledge was not just limited to the locations in the Seattle lawsuit, but was for all cinemas as they go digital across the country.

In a contrasting approach, competitor chain AMC cinemas, which was also named in the lawsuit, has said that it will only implement any requirements when stipulated by the Department of Justice.

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