Education magazine reports on accessible classroom initiative

Tuesday, 12 April 2011 12:37pm

A report about Ai-Media’s initiative Ai-Live has been published in Teacher, a national education magazine from the Australian Centre for Education Research (ACER.)

The article highlights the benefits of Ai-Live, a project which involves live remote captioning for Deaf or hearing impaired students in the mainstream classroom. The program allows for captions of a regular lesson to be delivered live to a student’s laptop or iPad, ensuring that they are gaining the information presented by their teacher on an equivalent level to their peers.

Initiatives such as Ai-Live are consistent with the aims of Media Access Australia’s Education Strategy. This strategy involves the development of projects and resources which work to make multimedia educational content accessible to students who are Deaf or hearing impaired.  Specifically, Media Access Australia promotes the use of captions through projects such as the Classroom Access Project and the upcoming initiative CAP THAT!

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