Australian cinemas win Human Rights Award

Monday, 10 December 2012 15:45pm

Australia’s four major cinema chains, Hoyts, Village, Event/Greater Union/Birch Carroll & Coyle and Reading, have won the 2012 Human Rights Award in the business category. The Awards were announced in Sydney today, International Human Rights Day.

The cinemas’ nomination for their commitment to providing closed captioning and audio description in every complex by the end of 2014 highlighted how the four competitors have worked together to improve access to a favourite form of entertainment.

The win caps off the first two years of the four-year Cinema Access Implementation Plan, which will see all movie screens across the chains converting to digital based technology that includes more flexible means of delivering accessible screenings for people who are Deaf or hearing impaired, blind or vision impaired.

At the halfway mark of the plan, Village Cinemas has completed the conversion across all but one of its complexes, and both Hoyts and Event cinemas are well over the halfway mark. The cinemas expect to complete the entire rollout well ahead of the given deadline of December 2014.

Media Access Australia extends its congratulations to the cinemas and looks forward to the continued introduction of accessible sessions in major and independent movie complexes across the country.

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