Accessible cinema questionnaire results

Tuesday, 5 February 2013 11:05am

From June to December 2012, Media Access Australia ran a questionnaire for the general public on technology issues surrounding the use of closed captions and audio description in cinemas. The answers have now been collated and shared with members of the Accessible Cinema Advisory Group, as well as post-production houses creating captioned and audio described movies.

The questionnaire was designed to pinpoint technical issues that affect the quality of the access feature delivered that could possibly be fixed during the post-production phase of a movie. It was hoped that answers could also point towards issues around specific cinemas which could be addressed.

There were just 51 complete responses to the questionnaire. 41 were around captions and the remaining 10 for audio description. Due to the small number of responses, the results cannot adequately identify the post-production issues that may be present.

Issues mentioned in responses include volume drop-outs of audio description during movies, and the inability to watch captions from the beginning of a movie, requiring assistance from box office staff.

One respondent each month was rewarded with a new-release, accessible DVD. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.

The winners were:

  • June: Bradley Francis
  • July: Ian Knox
  • August: Cassandra Cockini
  • September: Brad Doonan
  • October: Peggy Soo
  • November: Jacob Clark
  • December: Chass Moller-Nielsen

Download the full Closed caption and audio described cinema questionnaire report from our Cinema and The Arts section.

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