Accessible Cinema Advisory Group releases second communiqué

Friday, 10 June 2011 17:47pm

The Accessible Cinema Advisory Group (ACAG) met in late May to discuss the continued rollout of accessible cinema locations across the four major cinema chains of Hoyts, Village, Greater Union/Event/Birch Carroll & Coyle and Reading.

ACAG, assembled in 2010 by the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, oversees and advises on the implementation of accessible screens, and the outcomes of the meeting have been released in a second communiqué to the public.

The communiqué is reproduced below.

What is happening with the Cinema Access Implementation Plan (the Plan)?

Work continues on the roll-out of accessible screens with a number of cinemas coming on line since ACAG’s last Communique.

The following screens will offer closed captioning using the CaptiView system. Hoyts Cinemas, Forest Hill (Victoria) and Event Cinemas, Top Ryde (Sydney) have now joined Event Cinemas, Robina (Qld), Hoyts Cinemas, Broadway (Sydney), and Reading Cinemas, Charlestown (Newcastle) in providing accessible screens.

The cinema industry also confirmed the roll-out of an additional 45 accessible cinema screens by the end of 2011. This will bring the total to 50 screens. Whilst this is less than the 73 screens expected for 2011 in the Plan, ACAG have been assured that delivery of the final 2014 targets of 242 accessible cinemas against the Plan is on track.

What is the Accessible Cinema Advisory Group (ACAG) up to?

On 25 May 2011, the third meeting of ACAG was held and was chaired by Senator Jan McLucas who said she was pleased to see that the delays experienced have been explained and progress towards the goals achieved.

“We are now several steps closer to seeing more people with disabilities able to enjoy the great pleasure of going to a cinema. For some this will be a new life experience and all ACAG members are really keen to see this become a reality as soon as possible”, she said.

The meeting was very productive and shared some of the positive experiences of those who had been to an accessible cinema. Other matters included: the availability of information about new cinemas coming on line, timeliness of session information being made available and practical issues relating to the use and loan of equipment.

The following sub-working groups were formed to look into these matters:

  1. A sub-working group to provide advice and suggestions to cinemas on access and operational issues; and
  2. A sub-working group to assist with matters of communication.

Both groups will report back to ACAG with recommendations for consideration and action.

Next steps, your feedback

ACAG will meet again in September in Sydney and will continue to provide regular updates through communiqués as news becomes available on progress made under the Plan. As information becomes available we will tell you where each of the 45 cinemas due to roll-out later this year are located as they come on line.

In the meantime, please let us know of your experiences as we value your comments and views. Send your comments or feedback to

The ACAG is made up of the four cinema chains, consumer groups, the Australian Human Rights Commission and Media Access Australia.

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