Aipoly Vision is a truly visionary app

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Monday, 24 April 2017 15:29pm

‘Aipoly Vision’ is a very useful object-and-colour recogniser app that helps the blind, vision-impaired, and colour blind to understand their surroundings. It does so by using artificial intelligence to recognise objects through a device’s camera and then announces the name of each object to the user.

Image of Aipoly Vision logo

Image of Aipoly Vision logo

The Aipoly developers are on a self-declared mission to build scalable vision intelligence. They intend to add facial recognition to the Aipoly Vision app, whereby users will be able to enter the names of people visible in the camera frame for ongoing recognition. They have also indicated that the app will soon be able to be taught new objects. When pointed at an object which is not recognised, users will be able to enter the name of the object which will be remembered the next time that object is encountered.

This app is an excellent example of how emerging technology can make a positive difference to users right now, and it comes with an ‘intelligent torch’ feature which automatically turns on the device’s torch if the camera frame is too dark, allowing the app to work in low-light situations.

User Experience Designer, Heidi Laidler road-tested Aipoly Vision in April 2017 and was impressed. “I found the app was particularly good at recognising rooms, such as ‘kitchen’, ‘study’ or ‘bedroom’, yet sometimes it did struggle to recognise objects when multiple things were in the camera frame,” she said.

“However, the app was consistently able to recognise my pet cat without issue,” added Laidler, “and also recognised computers and electronic devices reliably, although, I found that it often did mistake headphones for a stethoscope.”

This exciting application is available for download free of charge on the iOS app store, and is able to recognise general objects and colours. However, to get full functionality, users need to pay a monthly subscription fee, which allows the user to also identify 2,000 packaged products, 800 types of food, 2,000 species of plants, flowers and animals, plus get the option of text in seven languages.

You can also get Aipoly Vision for Android devices from the Google Play store as either a free trial (but with limited functionality like the Apple variant, yet with the ability to make additional in-app purchases) or as a paid app with all of the functionality included. And there's interesting stuff being added all the time.


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