Inclusive teaching practices

The following practices are effective in all classrooms:

  • Reduce background noise - close windows and doors if outside noise is present
  • Adjust teaching practice to manage classroom background noise
  • Consistent use of the FM system in the classroom (hearing impaired students hear more clearly in a noisy environment with the use of a FM system)
  • Seating arrangements that enhance the student's ability to hear in the classroom and see the speaker’s face
  • Enhancing speech reading conditions: speakers avoiding hands in front of the face, facing the class when speaking, minimising distance from speakers face
  • Clarification of communication when the message is not understood initially, including paraphrasing instructions
  • Supplying verbal instructions with visual cues and materials (use of Interactive Whiteboard, overheads, charts, vocabulary lists, lesson outlines)
  • Buddy systems for notes, extra explanations and directions

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