Captions and the Australian Curriculum

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Captions are necessary across the areas of the Australian Curriculum that are taught using digital multimodal texts, or via DVD or video.

The Australian Curriculum website provides definitions of the different types of texts to which the Curriculum refers. The English Curriculum in particular makes reference to a variety of texts. We have provided the definitions as per the website:

  • Texts
    • provide the means for communication. They can be written, spoken or multimodal, and in print or digital/online forms 
  • Multimodal texts
    • combine language with other means of communication such as visual images, soundtrack or spoken word, as in film or computer presentation media
  • Digital texts
    •  Audio, visual or multimodal texts produced through digital or electronic technology which may be interactive and include animations and/or hyperlinks. Examples of digital texts include DVDs, websites and e-literature
  • Media texts
    • Spoken, print, graphic or electronic communications with a public audience. They often involve numerous people in their construction and are usually shaped by the technology used in their production
    • The media texts studied in English can be found in newspapers, magazines and on television, film radio, computer software and the internet

Multimodal, digital and media texts feature in Content Descriptions in the Australian Curriculum and can be searched for across English, History, Geography, Science and Maths. For more refined searches you can use the filters: year levels, curriculum elements, general capabilities and cross - curriculum priorities.

One of the key factors in choosing which texts to use in your teaching is whether or not they are captioned. By using only captioned texts, teachers can help ensure the needs of diverse learners are being met.

Where to find captioned texts

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