Android accessibility features and applications

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This list is based on the latest version of Android (version 2.2). You can view information about the accessibility features of previous versions of Android.

  • Accessibility services. Android has three core accessibility services called TalkBack, SoundBack and KickBack that provide spoken, auditory and haptic (vibration) feedback respectively. These three applications are included standard with Android 1.6 or later and can be enabled via the Accessibility section of the Settings menu.
  • Alternative interfaces. Some Android apps provide alternative user interfaces to make it easier for people who are have a disability easier to use and navigate smartphones.
    • BIG launcher: The BIG Launcher app allows users to easily access common features on their smartphone, without using the sometimes complicated default home screens. It replaces the default home screen of the smartphone with big buttons and uses large fonts.
    • The Marvin shell: a simple, custom-built home screen for single-touch, eyes-free use.
    • The Stroke Dialer: a technique for inputting phone numbers based on the standard phone keypad layout. It is also used in the Marvin shell and as an alternate to the QWERTY keyboard in certain Eyes-Free applications.
  • Accessible Android applications. There are a range of accessible Android applications designed specifically for use by people who are blind or vision impaired.

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