Media Access Australia launches Twitter feed

Tuesday, 19 January 2010 12:31pm

Today marks the launch of Media Access Australia's Twitter Feed. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Messages are limited to 140 characters.

Our tweets are publicly available and can be accessed from the Twitter website.

Why has Media Access Australia (MAA) chosen to Twitter?

  1. MAA would like to know a little more about you - your thoughts, your ideas and aspirations for improved access to media using technology. We would also welcome your feedback - What are we doing well and what more can we do? Send your tweets to @mediaaccessaus. All tweets are welcome, including people with a physical, hearing or sight impairment, web developers and policy makers.
  2. MAA keeps ahead of the latest developments, research and happenings concerning access to media. Twitter is another way for us do just that. If you are twittering about anything concerning accessibility then please use the #accessibility hashtag so we can see you.
  3. Learn more about direct messages, hashtags and trending topics at Twitter 101.
  4. Did you miss out on captions on your favourite TV show? Are you unable to access a website? Type your concern to @mediaaccessaus and we will endeavor to tweet back a solution for all to see.
  5. Twitter is an opportunity for us to communicate a greater amount of news items, resources and tools. For a wider range of practical information on access to media using technology, please visit the digital technology and online media sections of this website.

Registration to the Media Access Australia and our twitter feed is free and accessible to all.

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