Game Accessibility Day 2010

Tuesday, 25 May 2010 00:00am

Game accessibility enthusiasts will converge today in Boston, Massachusetts to attend the annual Game Accessibility Day, held as part of the Games for Health Conference 2010.

As the popularity of games continues to soar, interest in game accessibility also grows. For the third year in a row, Game Accessibility Day will give people a chance to share research and development and practical experience in game accessibility, and network with others whose passion lies in this area. 

The keynote will be presented by Chuck Bergen who has successfully made commercial games targeted at the disability community, along with presentations about designing accessible games on the Nintendo DS, how the baby boomers (and a generally aging community) play games, and how a 3D game engine can help make kitchens friendlier to the people who are vision impaired. 

Following the formal presentations of the day, there will be the 2010 Rock Band Party, a community gaming event and fundraiser. A group of people who created a version of Rock Band that blind gamers can play will be presenting at Game Accessibility Day as well.

Game Accessibility Day is sponsored by Games for Health and The Able Gamers Foundation. You can follow Able Games on twitter throughout the conference.

Visit Media Access Australia’s accessible gaming section for more information about accessible games and gaming consoles.


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