Android product releases lead to greater access

Monday, 3 May 2010 12:58pm

Google, the world’s largest search provider, looks set to achieve greater market share in the mobile market with its Android operating system being rolled out on a large number of devices including iPad-style tablet PCs, netbooks, mobile phones and set-top boxes. Best of all, Android’s access features are rapidly evolving.

Android-powered devices due for release in the coming months include mobile phones by Sony Ericson, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung. Tablet PCs and netbooks include manufacturers such as Dell, Toshiba and a large number of Chinese iPad clones. Set-top boxes are also in the process of using Android as pioneered by DISH Network, and television manufacturers are looking at directly integrating Android into their products.   Google itself has also released its own Nexus One mobile phone in the US, and is currently preparing to launch an iPad competitor.

Although the access features of Android are not as developed as the OS on the iPhone, both screen reading and zoom functionalities are present and rapidly evolving. The development of Android’s access features and the overall popularity of the OS is generally credited to the fact that it is free to manufacturers and its open-source nature allows anyone to develop and install applications, unlike the iPhone which forces development and distribution through its App Store.

Further information on Android devices can be found on the Android hardware Wikipedia page. Information on Australian product releases can generally be found in the News section of APCMag. For further information on Android’s access features, go to the digital technology section of this website.

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