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Review of Sony’s RDR HDC300

In October 2010, Sony Australia loaned Media Access Australia an RDR HDC300 Hard Disk Drive/DVD recorder to review for its caption capabilities.

The Sony RDR HDC300 was reviewed by Chris Mikul and Ally Woodford.

Initial set-up

The initial set-up was straightforward, although the Autoscan function seemed a little slow.

The caption font is large and clear, with text on a black box background.

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Accessibility review: Strong HD Recorder - SRT 5495A

In October 2010, Strong Australia loaned MAA one of its latest high definition hard drive recorders to review for its captioning capabilities. The SRT 5495A is a twin tuner terrestrial receiver and digital video recorder, with AV inputs. It is equipped to handle both next generation MPEG-4 broadcasts, including 3DTV and current MPEG-2 broadcasts, with a 500GB hard disk drive.

The SRT 5495A was reviewed by Chris Mikul and Ally Woodford.

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Accessibility review of the Sony RDR-HXD890 hard drive and DVD recorder

In September 2008, Sony loaned MAA its latest standard definition hard drive and DVD recorder model, the RDR-HXD890. This model was tested for its captioning capabilities and ease of use.  Please note that this hard drive contains an analog input and in 2013, when the switch-over to digital signal is completed, this function will no longer be useful.

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A review of the LG RH2T250 HD DVD recorder

The LG RH2T250

LG Electronics loaned Media Access Australia an RH2T250, which is a combined hard drive and DVD recorder. This model has an inbuilt digital tuner, allowing digital reception with captions.

On testing the model we found that the RH2T250 is capable of displaying and recording captions.

The set up for the recorder was relatively simple and fast. The captions were displayed on a black background in coloured text and the font size and spacing was considered one of the best displays we have seen.

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