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ACARA calls for contributions for a more inclusive Australian Curriculum


In an announcement yesterday, The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) called for education professionals to contribute to making the Australian Curriculum more inclusive for students with a disability.

Applications to the Australian Curriculum Equity and Diversity Advisory Group are encouraged from people who have expertise in at least one priority equity and diversity area. These areas include students with a disability and students with English as an additional language or dialect.

The group is a welcome opportunity for professionals who have experience working with students with a disability, such as Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf (ITODs), to provide expert input.

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Inclusion is compromised when captions are not available

The issue of the provision of captioned educational content is an important one for students, as its lack has a long term negative effect on hearing impaired students learning outcomes. Other arrangements need to be made for a student when it is certain that a particular title is not available in a captioned format.

Reasonable adjustments need to be made to ensure inclusion of the student in the activity or assessment. Hearing impaired students are exempt from assessment that include comment on music or tone of voice, when an assessment task is based on listening.

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Captions and inclusion

All the skills that are necessary for real life conversational situations are necessary for watching and understanding TV, DVDs and downloads for hearing impaired students. The most important element is the need to hear what is being said and that is often compromised by factors within the DVD:

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