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Call for nominations for the Technology for Good Awards


Nominations are now open for the Technology for Good awards, based in the UK.

Individuals and organisations alike are invited to make nominations for the awards, which are run by BT and AbilityNet  and acknowledge excellence within the UK in the area of each award.

The awards are as follows:

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Media Access Australia annual reports

Media Access Australia annual reports are uploaded to the website in the latter half of each calendar year.You can view accessible annual reports in both PDF and Word doc formats.

The latest report is for the 2016-2017 Financial Year. Previous reports from 2008 onwards are also listed.

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Apple hosts free accessibility webinars for teachers

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Apple is hosting a free series of on-demand webinars which demonstrate how Mac computers and Apple devices can be used to enrich engagement with students of all abilities. These webinars will be available to teachers until 1 April.

The increasing use of digital technology in the classroom has led to a greater need for teachers to address the particular access needs of students. Apple continues to improve the accessibility of its products, providing a number of in-built features that can improve learning for students with sensory impairment and particular literacy and learning needs.

Digital media and technology: 

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