Boxee Box now supports playback of ABC iView captions


The D-Link media player Boxee Box has recently updated its firmware, and now supports the playback of captions on the ABC’s iView service.

Boxee Box is a device that streams Internet content to your television via an active Internet connection. The Firmware update, which includes many improvements to the Boxee Box web browser, now allows for ABC iView content to be played back correctly and with captions, as tested by a Media Access Australia staff member.

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Canadian access coalition calls for 100% accessibility by 2020


The Access 2020 Coalition has sought the support of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for its new Access Initiative to assist broadcasters to become accessible to all Canadians who are Deaf, hearing impaired, blind or vision impaired.

The initiative would see 1% of all TV ownership transactions from 2010 to 2015 allocated to a not-for-profit fund that would finance the transition to complete accessibility on all distribution platforms.

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Apple hosts free accessibility webinars for teachers

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Apple is hosting a free series of on-demand webinars which demonstrate how Mac computers and Apple devices can be used to enrich engagement with students of all abilities. These webinars will be available to teachers until 1 April.

The increasing use of digital technology in the classroom has led to a greater need for teachers to address the particular access needs of students. Apple continues to improve the accessibility of its products, providing a number of in-built features that can improve learning for students with sensory impairment and particular literacy and learning needs.

Digital media and technology: 

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