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Ready for anything! Five ways to get involved in Hearing Awareness Week


It’s Hearing Awareness Week and this year’s theme is “I’m ready for anything! Is anything ready for me?”

Here’s 5 easy ideas to get involved in Hearing Awareness Week. They are all ready for you:


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CAP THAT! at the Communications Access Expo in Canberra


Deafness Forum of Australia’s Communications Access Expo is on again at Parliament House in Canberra. Held on Monday and Tuesday, 22 -23 August, Media Access Australia will be present to talk about CAP THAT!, our new education campaign promoting captions in the classroom.

cap that! is asking teachers Australia-wide to turn on captions on audiovisual resources shown in class to benefit all students. By simply turning captions on, teachers can help bridge the gap for Deaf and hearing impaired students, ESL students, struggling readers and students with learning disabilities, while benefiting the whole class.

Members of the general public will be able to gain access at specific times by visiting the Security Desk in the Main Hall. Those times are:

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US universities lead the way on classroom captions


Support for closed captions is sweeping US universities and colleges as educators catch on to the benefits of accessible tools for all students. Using a number of methods, the universities are demonstrating how captions can be easily implemented in the classroom.

Universities are responding to increasing demand from students who are Deaf or hearing impaired, but are also seeing the potential for the student body at large. Captions for lectures and multimedia are proving beneficial for students who speak English as a second language or study by distance.

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Shadow Minister for Disability shows support for captions in schools


Shadow Minister for Disability, Carers and the Volunteer Sector, Senator Mitch Fifield showed his support for captions in education this week in a visit to captioning supplier, Red Bee Media.

The visit follows a motion co-sponsored by the Minister in March which called on the Government to commit to a pilot captioning program in classrooms.

Senator Fifield said, “Captioning technology is proven to deliver transformational results for students. This is the sort of support that could be purchased for students under the Coalition’s Education Card Policy which allows families to choose the services right for their child.”

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ACARA calls for contributions for a more inclusive Australian Curriculum


In an announcement yesterday, The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) called for education professionals to contribute to making the Australian Curriculum more inclusive for students with a disability.

Applications to the Australian Curriculum Equity and Diversity Advisory Group are encouraged from people who have expertise in at least one priority equity and diversity area. These areas include students with a disability and students with English as an additional language or dialect.

The group is a welcome opportunity for professionals who have experience working with students with a disability, such as Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf (ITODs), to provide expert input.

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Captioned online videos promote assistive technology for learning


A Canadian education group has provided eight online captioned videos promoting the use of assistive technology for students for reading, writing and other school work.

The Assistive Technology Support Initiative by the Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE) works with the province of Ontario’s formal education system to enhance the academic success of students through the use of computer-based assistive technology for school work.  

Digital media and technology: 

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