Blind and vision impaired

New Broadway theatre accessibility initiative


A new partnership between Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts and arts access provider G-PASS means visitors to New York will have the opportunity to enjoy more Broadway shows.

The Broadway Accessibility/Audience Expansion Initiative enables theatregoers to view captions or listen to audio description at every performance of designated shows.

Using technology developed by Sound Associates, the G-PASSaccess services of I-Caption and D-Scriptive are both automated systems, delivering captions or audio description that are synchronised to the show’s cueing system.

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World-leading arts access conference in USA in August


The annual Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability (LEAD) conference will be held this year in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

The principal organiser is world-renowned arts accessibility expert Betty Siegel from the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington DC. The conference features accessibility experts from museums, galleries, performing arts and venues. This is the primary arts access conference in the world.

The conference program with a registration form can be downloaded from the Kennedy Center website.

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Australian festival director takes cinema access across the globe


Film and festival director Rick Randall, Artistic Director of The Other Film Festival, has travelled to Israel where he will participate as keynote speaker at a forum on cinema access.

Access to cinema relates to how people with disabilities, particularly those who are blind and deaf, view films at the cinema through solutions such as captioning and audio description. The forum is part of new Israeli international film festival, Shekel - Reframing Reality, ‘challenging the concept of disability’, which focuses on disability-centred films from 2010-2011.

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